WA State Lawmakers React to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

(Pasco, WA) — A number of lawmakers from Washington State are sounding off on Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

Rep. Dan Newhouse:

“Russia’s warmongering over the past few weeks has unsurprisingly culminated in acts of war against Ukraine. This is in direct conflict with international agreements and must be met with severe and punishing sanctions. Vladimir Putin and his regime have continued to prove they are little more than criminal thugs, and the international community must reject their delusional and alarming attempts at creating a new world order and work together to prevent any further loss of life in Ukraine.
I call on our NATO and UN allies to act as swiftly as possible to sever all ties with Putin’s murderous regime. The free world depends on it

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers:

“I join in strongly condemning Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and unlawful invasion of Ukraine. We must unite around our shared values of liberty and democracy in the face of his blatant power grab against the people of Ukraine and their nation’s sovereignty. Freedom must prevail. “

Senator Maria Cantwell:

“Ukraine is a proud and sovereign nation. Vladimir Putin ignored Ukrainians’ decision to live in a democracy and be free. Instead, Putin chose war. His invasion of Ukraine marks another very dark moment in the history of Europe.

“In the face of this reckless aggression, we must stand together with our NATO allies and respond with unequivocal and unified action.  

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and the thousands of Ukrainian-Americans in Washington state.

Senator Patty Murray:

“The Ukrainian people are being plunged into a deadly and devastating war because of the cruel ambition of one dictator—make no mistake, the death and destruction of this conflict will lie solely at the feet of Vladimir Putin.

“This conflict is totally fabricated but its human toll will be very real. Swift measures must be taken to inflict severe and devastating sanctions—Russia must pay a crippling price for invading a sovereign democracy unprovoked. This is a time for our country and the world to stand united—in strong support of Ukraine and firmly against Putin and his cronies.

“I’m thinking of my constituents with friends, family, and loved ones in Ukraine—and my heart is with the Ukrainian people who only want peace, but are being forced to endure a brutal war. I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure the United States is doing its utmost to provide the necessary support for the Ukrainian people.”

Governor Jay Inslee:

All Washingtonians should be outraged both by Russia’s unprovoked and destructive attack on Ukraine, a peaceful nation that has embraced democracy. I stand with @POTUS in his steadfast support of @NATO and his efforts to protect our country at home.

Source: 610KONA