Two Stolen Vehicles Located by Franklin County Authorities on Sunday

(Franklin County, WA) — It was a busy Sunday afternoon for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as Deputies worked to find two stolen vehicles in just a matter a minutes. The first was stolen after it was left running with the keys in it at a Connell gas station. The vehicle was then spotted traveling west on R-170 in Basin City. The driver pulled over and was taken into custody without incident.

Less than an hour later, a different deputy attempted to stop a vehicle for a speeding violation in the area of Taylor Flats Road and Dogwood Road. The deputy was advised by dispatch that the license plate returned stolen. The driver then sped off, but the deputy did not pursue. However, Pasco Police identified the same vehicle as part of a hit and run shortly thereafter. The driver was not located, but he has since been identified.

Source: 610KONA