Man Stuck in Garbage Truck Freed By Pasco Firefighters

(Pasco, WA) — Pasco Fire Department search and rescue crews were rushed to the scene of a man stuck inside a garbage truck.  The truck driver told authorities he had gotten out of the truck to open a gate to access the dumpster at the school and heard someone screaming for help from inside his garbage area of his truck. This happened around 6:15am in the parking lot of Stevens Middle School.

Pasco firefighters were able to put together a rope rigging system and placed a safety harness on the stuck man, lifting him clear of the truck and lowering them to the ground. The man was transported to a local hospital to check for injuries.  Pasco Fire stresses the man was not inside of Stevens’ dumpster and it’s not clear how long he was in the truck for.

Source: 610KONA