Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC)

Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. Monday, August 25, 2021

Please contact Angela Pashon, Senior Management Analyst ,with any questions at [email protected] or 509-537-5136.

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) primarily makes recommendations to the City Council on the appropriation of the lodging tax revenues consistent with state law and Pasco Municipal Code 3.161.  

Applications for lodging tax funds must be submitted to and approved by the LTAC. The LTAC is authorized to implement rules and materials for purposes of application, screening, and submission for lodging tax revenues for the uses of said funds. 

LTAC membership consists of five members appointed by City Council.  Membership shall include:

  • (1) Elected Official (Chair)
  • (2) Representatives of Businesses Collecting Tax
  • (2) Representatives Involved in Activities Authorized to be Funded by Tax

What is Lodging Tax?

The lodging tax, also referred to as the hotel-motel tax, is a consumer tax on lodging charges for periods of less than 30 consecutive days for hotels, motels, rooming houses, private campgrounds, RV parks, and similar facilities.

How can Lodging Tax Revenues be used?

The guiding principle for the use of lodging taxes is that they must be used for activities, operations and expenditures designed to increase tourism. Specifically, lodging taxes can be used for:

  • Tourism marketing;
  • Marketing and operations of special events and festivals designed to attract tourists;
  • Operations and capital expenditures of tourism-related facilities owned or operated by a municipality or a public facilities district; or
  • Operations of tourism-related facilities owned or operated by nonprofit organizations (RCW 67.28.1816).

Note that, as of July 1, 2013, capital expenditures for tourism-related facilities owned by nonprofit organizations are no longer permitted expenditures of lodging tax funds.

Tourism marketing and operations are activities defined as “tourism promotion” by state law (RCW 67.28.080) including:

  • Advertising, publicizing, or otherwise distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists;
  • Developing strategies to expand tourism;
  • Operating tourism promotion agencies; and
  • Funding the marketing or operation of special events and festivals designed to attract tourists.

Committee Members

  • City Council: Mayor Saul Martinez
  • Hotel Representative: Monica Hammerberg (Hampton Inn)
  • Hotel Representative: Taran Patel (A-1 Hospitality)
  • User Representative: Colin Hastings (Pasco Chamber of Commerce)
  • User Representative: Hector Cruz (Visit Tri-Cities)


Meeting(s) are held annually to review applications for recommended allocation of funding.

Source: City of Pasco