City Council Legislative Priorities

The following are the Pasco City Council’s 2022 Washington State Legislative Priorities, as approved by the City Council in November 2021:

  • DOWNTOWN PASCO INVESTMENTS: In partnership with the state, the City has invested in Peanuts Plaza, Lewis Street, and the MLK Community Center to revitalize downtown Pasco – a historic centerpiece that has struggled with aging infrastructure. In response, the beginnings of a vibrant downtown with diverse businesses have emerged. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a setback that the city is eager to move past. To aid in that effort, the City requests that the state continue in its partnership to revitalize downtown by allocating $250,000 in state capital funding to improve signage, walkability, street furniture, lighting, and other community amenities. In conjunction, the City has committed funding to life safety upgrades for downtown businesses, such as fire sprinklers. Together, these amenities will attract residents, visitors, and patrons into downtown Pasco to experience its lively, culturally diverse community. 
  • TRANSPORTATION FUNDING: The City of Pasco encourages the Legislature to adopt a transportation revenue package. The City asks that funding be allocated to preserve the local and state transportation system, and to the following projects: 
    • SR 395/SYLVESTER BIKE/PEDESTRIAN CROSSING: The City requests $4 million to complete the final segment of a continuous bike-pedestrian facility along Sylvester Street – a key connection between low-income neighborhoods on the west side of SR 395 and essential services to the east. The City has secured funding to add bicycle/pedestrian facilities along the entire corridor, except for the portion that bridges SR 395. The requested $4 million would fully fund and complete this connection. 
    • SR 12 SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: The City requests $1.5 million to design safety solutions at two at-grade crossings at SR 12 (A Street and Tank Farm Rd.), and a commitment to fully fund the identified solution. The Pasco community has expressed concerns about the safety of these at-grade crossings after several serious vehicle/truck accidents resulted from challenging access on and off the state route. 
    • BROADMOOR BIKE/PEDESTRIAN CROSSING: Pasco is experiencing significant growth in the Broadmoor area. To accommodate this growth, the City is urgently investing $6 million in improvements to the state system. The City is proactively working to ensure this development supports multimodal transportation options. As such, the City requests $3 million for a bicycle/pedestrian facility crossing over I-182 at the Broadmoor Interchange. 
    • SR 395/I-182 INTERCHANGE: In recent years, Pasco has grown significantly to the north. The City requests $2 million for WSDOT to complete an Access Revision Report to allow eastbound access on to I-182 from the region north of the interchange, which currently only provides westbound exists. 
  • PROCESS WATER REUSE FACILITY: In partnership with local food processors, Pasco is investing nearly $40 million in its process water reuse facility – a facility that reuses wastewater from local food processors to irrigate nearby farmland. As part of the upgrade, the City envisions transitioning the facility to establish greater industrial symbiosis such as providing renewable natural gas production to meet low carbon fuel standards, providing high-nitrogen water to farm algae biomass for other markets, and other interests. The City asks for the state’s partnership in the coming years to accomplish this ambitious objective. 
  • WATER RIGHTS AVAILABILITY: To accommodate existing and future demands, the City needs to secure adequate water rights for residential irrigation and drinking water. One way to accomplish this is to ensure existing groundwater rights, when permitted for irrigation of a city-owned industrial wastewater treatment facility, are protected from relinquishment when converting irrigation water rights to municipal water rights. The City supports proposals to increase water rights availability for growing municipalities. 
  • MENTAL HEALTH & TREATMENT FUNDING: The Pasco community is experiencing increased homelessness, rising crime rates, and other public safety concerns. The Legislature’s recent decision to require diversion of those in possession of controlled substances has put additional pressure on the need for treatment facilities. As such, the City requests increased funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment services, including but not limited to additional local option tools, to best meet the community’s needs. 
  • PUBLIC SAFETY: The City supports the Legislature revisiting police reform proposals adopted during the 2021 legislative session to provide greater clarity and consistency in application across the state and to address unintended negative impacts to public safety.

For more information, contact or call the City’s Manager’s office at (509) 545-3404.

Source: City of Pasco